Effect of neem on mosquito larva

Effect of neem extract on mosquito larva

Step 1: growing of the mosquito larva-

Mosquito larvae is grown by keeping a bucket of water nearby a area of pond in village area. It may take one month for this process.

Step 2: making of V/V solution from Neem leaf extract solutions–

  • Neem leaf extract is made by putting a bunch of neem leaves into mixture machine.
  • This neem leaf extract is used to make V/V solution with water
  • Plastic cups are taken 10 ml of minutes truck is poured into hundred ml of normal water
  • to make 10% V/V neem extract solution.
  • And likewise other multiple concentrations have made. Those are 30%, 60%, 80%, 100%.

step 3: Note the effect of neem on larval life

Now 10 mosquito larvae is given in each of those different V/V solutions containing plastic cups. And their death rate is observed for 7 days and noted.

Solutions V/VDay1 (no of live larvae)Day 2 (no of live larva)(no of live larvae) Day 3Day 4(no of live larvae)
10% 10 Ten1009
Effect of neem extract on mosquito larva
Effect of neem extract on mosquito larva


Neem extract in higher concentration can used to kill mosquito larvae. So this process of using neem extract is very useful household method. Thus we can easily prevent dangerous diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya etc.



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