Bubonic Plague Black Death

Bubonic Plague Black Death

Bubonic Plague Black Death
Bubonic Plague Black Death

It is a serious bacterial infection, caused by Yersinia pestis bacteria though extremely rare and it is transmitted by fleas. It can also spread through animals, bugs and insects.It has several symptoms, some of them are as follows –  muscle and abdominal pain , fever and fatigue , diarrhorea or vomiting ,  headache , breathing problem , blood with cough, and swollen lymph node.

Bubonic Plague  is curable by treatable by medical professionals and it can be cured within a week but emergency care is needed with proper diagnosis.

“Black Death” what is it?

When the plague causing bacteria Yersinia  Pestis enters in our body, it attacks our lymph node and as a result the skin of that area becomes blackish. Around 1346-1352, the most deadliest pandemic happened in human history and as estimated millions of people died. The cause of that pandemic was plague, which was originated from Central or East Asia and reached to Crimea (present Russia) travelling along Silk Road (trade route between east and west). Then it reached whole Europe from water routes through fleas and vector black rats. After the Great Femine, this pandemic was disastrous to whole Europe and wiping out over 200 millions population across the whole world. Thus, the deadly Black Death also known as the Great Mortality and the Pestilence got its name and in recent days plague is called as “Black Death”.


What Cause of Bubonic plague :

plague is an bacterial disease which is generally transmitted by Fleas. Bubonic plague is a type of plague.First of all let’s concentrate on how does this disease got its identical name. It’s because bubonic plague results in the Swollen lymph nodes called ‘Buboes’. which generally develops after a week of contamination with infection.

Causal organism:

Yersinia pestis. It is an bacteria of family ‘Yersiniaceae’. This organism leaves in rodents like rats,mice or squirrel. Commonly found in rural Africa, Asia, and United States.

Vector organism :

Rat flea Xenopsylla cheopis. Which is an parasite of rodents.

Mode of transmission :

When and beg of this flea feeds over and infected rodent, the bacteria gets transmitted to the vector fly and then when the same fly bites an healthy human the same bacteria gets transmitted to that person and finally gets infected.

After inversion of the human body this organism attacks primarily the lymph nodes and grows there as a result the lymph nodes get swollen which may be in the groin,armpits or neck. In severe cases it may attack visceral organs like lungs.

Window period : 1 to 7 days.


  1. Swollen and painful lymph nodes.
  2. Onset of fever and chills.
  3. Headache.
  4. Fatigue.
  5. Vomiting.
  6. Malaise.

Bubonic plague mortality rate :

Plague can be a fatal disease with high mortality rate . Bubonic plague have a mortality rate of 30%-60%. During 14th century  plague cause more than 50 Million death in Europe and was an one of the deadliest pandemic ever. It was known as Black death. It nearly finished 60% population of Europe during pandemic with a high mortality rate of 60%-100%. But now with antibiotics Bubonic plague is curable and mortality rate can be reduced to 10%.

Treatment for Bubonic Plague

Patients diagnosed with bubonic plague requires emergency hospital treatment.The treatment for Bubonic Plague generally consists of antibiotics. A strong dose of antibiotics are required for its treatment. Since, it a type of plague common antibiotics which are used in treatment of plague are also used in this scenario. Antibiotics like streptomycin, gentamicin , doxycycline , levofloxacin and ciprofloxacin are commonly used in treatment.

Prevention for Bubonic Plague

There is no vaccine for plague, we just have to be careful. As, it is common in Central and East Asia, US , South America and Africa, we have to be careful about plague outbreak and we should avoid touching sick animals bare handed and stay away from dead animals as rotten flesh maybe be the source of fleas cluster.

Other steps to prevent plague if any plague patient have been found in neighborhood :

  • Get rid of rats,mice and squirrels around house.
  • Fill all the holes and gaps.
  • Keep the yard cleaned.
  • Don’t let stray animals stay inside the room.
  • Get rid of fleas, bugs and insects.
  • Don’t let any animals make their home in garden or yard.



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