Black death in Europe

Black death in Europe

Black death in Europe
Black death in Europe


To know about Black death, we have to travel back to October 1347. We know that ships are the principal mode of goods transport from one country to another. So, as usual one day of October 1347 12 ships from the Black Sea docked at the Sicilian port of Messina. Many people specially the family members of the sailors gathered in the dock to receive their loved one. But unfortunately, the met the horrible surprise. Maximum of the sailors are dead and those who still alive are grievously ill and need emergency treatment. They have some mysterious block colored swellings filled with blood and puss on their skins. When the authority came to know that, this disease has a pandemic potential they ordered the ships out of harbor. But that was too late and the pandemic had already started.

Origin of the Bubonic Plague:

This plague was thought to be originated in Asia 2000 years ago and spread through the ships of traders. But the recent research shows that is was present in nature from the ancient time i.e. before 3000BC.

Symptoms of Bubonic plague known at that time:

Fever, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, terrible aches and pains—and then, in short order, ultimately death.

How do they treat Black death in that time?

There was no exact treatment known at that time. Physicians only could provide the supportive treatments related to this disease like boil-lancing, bloodletting and other inappropriate superstation-based practices. Doctors used special type of clothing and mask with long pointed beak like structure to protect themselves form infection during treatment infected patients. And most of the doctors had decided not to see patients in order to keep them safe. This disease not even spared animals like cow, goat, sheep, pigs etc.

Superstitions of Europeans:

This is some kind of god’s judgement. And Europeans were guilty that’s why they are getting punishment in the form of disease and death. And the only way out is to regains the faith and blessings of gods. So, they started to worship gods in several ways but the result was zero.

How did the black death end?

This pandemic was present in Europe for more than 5 years and killed almost one third of total European population i.e. more than 20 million deaths. And the mortality rate of black death is higher than any other disease like it. They had started to separate the diseased one from the population and had started to keep the sailors in quarantine who are coming from the black sea.


Note: Till date it is not completely abolished from earth. Every year there are 1000-3000 reported cases of Bubonic plague throughout the globe. And this disease still has pandemic potential.


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