Test tube baby

Test tube baby

Now, what does it mean?

Clearly, as we can guess from the term, it means giving birth to a baby artificially with the help of advanced medical technology outside the mother’s womb. This technique is performed only when a couple is incapable of giving birth to a baby normally. This may be due to several reasons. Some of them are:

  1. Any obstruction in Fallopian tube of mother.
  2. Low sperm count of father.
  3. Presence of cyst in ovary of mother. (Polycystic ovarian Syndrome)
  4. Older couple
  5. Premature expulsion of embryo from mother’s womb.

And several others.

Without any doubt we can say that this technique has given children to many infertile couples and made them optimistic again.

Test tube baby
Test tube baby

Science behind the process:

Baby is a result of fertilization of sperm from father and ovum from mother. Generally, this fertilization occurs in Fallopian tube of mother. In case of any abnormality, the fertilization does not takes place, then the couple is said to be infertile. In order to have kids they have to perform fertilization. So, it is done outside in a Petri dish and later it is incorporated in mother’s womb. Hence, the basic principle is same.

Steps to perform Test tube baby:

  1. Hormone therapy on mother:First and foremost step is to ready the mother’s body for production of ovum from the body. Exact hormonal levels of different hormones are maintained in mother’s body artificially by a professional.
  2. Extraction of ova (4-6) from the ovary:Extraction of mature ova (4-6) from the ripened ovary with the help of a sophisticated needle.
  3. Collection of father’s sperm:Collection of father’s sperm for the event of fertilization outside of the body.
  4. Incubation:These two components (i.e., ova and sperm) along with other essential factors for fertilization are kept in a petri dish. A complete artificial environment is provided mimicking the original one in the Fallopian tube. And kept for 4-6 days for fertilization in the observation of experts.
  5. Implantation:Final step of the process. Finally, 4-5 developed embryo is incorporated in the womb for further development of the embryo till natural birth of the baby.

Disadvantages of the test tube baby:

  1. Expensive
  2. Painful for the mother. (Hormone therapy)
  3. Risk of multiple birth thus premature delivery.
  4. Birth Defect
  5. Cancer (in extreme cases)

Besides the above mentioned  cons of Test tube baby technique, this method gives hope of parenthood to infertile couples all over the globe. We can hope that in near future the side effects/disadvantages will be minimized and this technique will be safer than it is today.



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