Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell transplantation :

In stem cells are specialized cells of our body with you defining characters that is infinite ability to self renewal and to get differentiated into an adult body cell type. Stem cells can generate any tissue of the body and hence has a a huge therapeutic uses. In  stem cell therapy the damaged tissue or cells of our body are regenerated by administration of stem cells to a patient. The transplanted stem cells then produces the damage cell newly.

Stem Cell Therapy

There are two types of  stem cell transplantation

  1. Autologous
  2.  Allogeneic.

Autologous :

In autologous transplantation self steam cells are used to replace the damaged cells in body. It is helpful because it has less risk of rejection for development of tumor. In this process the stem cells are fastly collected from the patient’s body and frozen stored. The patient is treated with chemotherapy to kill the cancer cell and leftover stem cells. Also treated with radioimmunotherapy in order to weaken the immunity system so that the the patient can easily accept the transplanted stem cell. Finally the stem cell is transplanted intravenously. This transplantation can also so be done in tandem (double) in which this process is repeated twice in order to get more success after a certain interval.

Allogeneic :

In this process stem cell from an donor (either from relative volunteer) are transplanted to an patient. Distance plant is useful because it is cancer free e as the great is treated before transplantation. In this process the stem cell from bone marrow or peripheral stem cell of an matched donor or from umbilical cord blood is collected collected and transplanted.

Source of stem cell for therapy :

The best source is “cord tissue”. These are stem cells derived from umbilical cord. Cord tissue is the insulating covering called “Wharton’s jelly” surrounding the vessel of umbilical cord. The cord tissue content several types of stem cells which can form nervous system, sensory organ, cardiovascular tissue, skin, bone, cartilage etc.

Cord tissue is rich in “mesenchymal stem cell” (MSC), which can heal, re generate, and various damaged tissue in the body. MSCs derived from cord tissue has the ability to avoid negative response from a Parson’s immunity system, allowing the cells to be transplanted without rejection. Steam sale also can be collected from the embryo but it may cause ethical issues.

Stem Cell Therapy

Cost of stem cell therapy in India :

The treatment cost is about 25% of what it would cost in western countries. In US it cost around $50,000 and in India it is about 3.7 lakh to to 8 lakh or more .


When to opt for stem cell therapy :

  1. Hair loss (alopecia) :

Hair loss is a big problem faced by the men and women of all ages. It is a sign of natural aging.Hello season natural process some people often lost it in early ages. Hair loss can occur by many reasons including genetic and hereditary problem infectious disease and pregnancy.

Hair is made up of keratin this protein produced in hair follicles. The follicular cells are produced one after another and the newer cells pushes the older cells outside and the hair growth occurs. The hair is a string of dead keratin and repeatedly replaced by the new protein this process is controlled by hair follicles.


The hair stem cell transplant can give you natural hair and its growth all over a natural look.The specific stem cell responsible for the hair follicle production and hair growth injected to the person’s body then the stem cell find its way to folicular regions where the died follicles are situated initiates the whole process of natural hair growth.


  1. Diabetes :

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which high blood glucose is observe because of the insufficient availability or virtual in availability of glucose metabolism hormone insulin. And diabetes are of two types that is type 1 and type 2.

In type 1 diabetes the body’s immune system kills the body’s own insulin producing “islets of Langerhans cells” of pancreas and the insulin production gets stopped as a result the  glucose are not metabolized and its level in blood gets increased by several folds.

In type 2 the responding cells of insulin develops resistance against it due to some dis-function. Due to it cells are unable to absorb insulin for glucose metabolism and hence glucose gets increased in blood.

Uncontrolled diabetes may cause blindness, kidney malfunction, heart disease and others.


in this case the stem cells are taken from bone marrow or adipose tissue and are cultured and process in lab then are transplanted to the these grafted stem cells regenerate the cells of islets of Langerhans in the pancreas and produces normal level of insulin.

The success rate of diabetes stem cell transplantation in India is around 80%.


3 . Cancer:

Cancer is among the leading cause of death cancer can be defined as the uncontrolled cell growth which affects our surrounding healthy cells , may affect the whole organ. It starts in one part of the body and can also propagate to other parts through circulation (one cell is enough) called ‘metastasis’. There are many causes of cancers like contact with toxic substance, radiation, genetic defect etc. Cancer cells work against immune system, weakens it and operation can develop several illness.

Treatment ~

Dendritic cells are mostly used in Cancer therapy. Dendritic cells are present in every person’s bloodstream. Their function is to identify a foreign sales of foreign object in the body. Dendritic cell is an antigen presenting cell it produces antigens from the intruders and present them to the immunity system in order to activate an response against it (mostly by activation of t lymphocyte).in this case and healthy dendritic stem cell is transplanted to the patient intravenously which boosts the immunity system. Now immune cells (b and t lymphocytes) then circulate throughout the body and destroys tumors cancer cells.

Anal cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, gallbladder cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer can be treated by stem cell therapy.


  1. Stroke:

The stroke is an fatal condition in which suddenly blood, nutrients, and oxygen supply get stopped to the vital parts of the brain due to obstruction in blood flow. Stroke may cause due to blood clot, leak in artery and heart failure. During stroke there is no blood supply to the certain parts of the brain due to which brain cells begin to die and which mein hamper the the functioning of body parts.


Stem cells are very impactful in curing stroke. They can result ‘neurogenesis'(production of the neural cells) and bringing sufficient cure and repair of the damages. The introduction of the stem cell produces new brain cells. Which improves blood, nutrient, oxygen supply to the brain and also replaces damaged neurones and its connection.


Stem cell transplantation can also be done in treatment of liver cirrhosis, Rheumatoid arthritis, autism, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral Plassey, erectile dysfunction etc.


Best stem cell therapy centers in India :

  1. Tata memorial hospital, Mumbai.
  2. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer institute and research centre, Delhi.
  3. Apollo hospital, Chennai.
  4. AIIMS , New Delhi.
  5. Blk super speciality hospital, Delhi.
  6. S.L Raheja Fortis hospital, Mumbai.

Penned by – Ritom Mondal


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