How to treat Jaundice

Jaundice how to treat

How to treat jaundice is based on the strategy to find the underlying cause of jaundice. Treatment of jaundice includes the use of antimalarial drugs, antiviral drugs, surgical removal of gallstones, etc.

Jaundice is yellowing of the skin and white part of the eye. Due to the excess level of bilirubin in the blood. Old RBCs are destroyed inside our body normally. Causing the formation of bilirubin. The liver processes this bilirubin and helps in its excretion.

It should be noted that we treat the underlying cause of jaundice despite the symptomatic treatment. Based on the cause, jaundice is of three types.

1. Hemolytic jaundice

2. Hepatic jaundice

3. Obstructive jaundice


1. Treatment of hemolytic jaundice:

First and foremost Hemolytic jaundice occurs when there is increased RBC destruction. Particularly this occurs in the following diseases.

· Malaria: caused by the malarial parasite. We use medicines to destroy the malarial parasite.

· Thalassemia: Bone marrow transplant, spleen removal surgery.

· Sickle cell anemia: blood transfusions from a healthy matched donor along with subsequent medications.


2. Treatment of hepatic jaundice:

jaundice occurs due to the damaging and abnormal functioning of liver cells. This occurs in the following diseases.

· Viral hepatitis: we use antiviral drugs. Following Hepatitis vaccination is also available.

· Cirrhosis of liver: prohibiting alcohol intake, low protein diet, along with antibiotics.

· Alcoholic hepatitis: quitting alcohol intake, in severe cases liver transplantation is done.

3. Treatment of obstructive jaundice:

Especially this occurs when bilirubin is unable to move properly through the bile duct. The obvious cause is an obstruction in the bile flowing pathway. At this time this occurs in the following cases.

· Gallstones: removing gallstone or the whole gallbladder surgically. Medicines to dissolve gallstones.

· Cancer of the pancreas: tumors of the pancreas may grow and block the bile duct. Surgical removal of the cancerous tissue. Radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

· Bile duct tumor: Surgical removal of the bile duct. Radiation therapy or chemotherapy.


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