5 Health related myths in India

5 Health related myths in India:
5 Health related myths in India

5 Health related myths in India


1. Cholesterol is bad: First and foremost, the statement is wrong. There are different categories of cholesterol and all of them are not bad. On the contrary HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) is good for our health. Some categories of the cholesterol’s are bad. They are LDL, VLDL, etc. commonly known as Bad cholesterol

Apart from this, cholesterol is very important for a human being as it is the main constituent of our cell membrane.

2. Starvation is a good way of losing weight: NO, it’s not. Starvation will never be a good way of losing weight. Indeed, it will reduce weight but there are thousands of drawbacks or side effects. On starvation when glucose reserves are exhausted then our body targets proteins before fats. So, our body loses proteins first than fat. Thus, the muscles become weaker. Moreover, due to excess protein metabolism ketone body level increase in our blood. This is harmful to our body organs.

3. Energy drinks/ Cold drinks have the energy-boosting ability: Again, this is a big No. Initially, it provides high glucose to our system. But as thus glucose already in simple forms our body rapidly produces energy and uses up all the available glucose and after some time all the energy produced by the energy drink used up. And no glucose is available for further energy production. So, energy drinks produce instant high energy but that energy level fades away after some time and we feel more lethargic. In simple words, it lowers blood glucose further after some time.

5 Health related myths

4. Bigger the size of your body less healthy you are: Another trending myth in our country. It is not always true that big stature is bad and a slim figure is healthy. We might come across some people who eat more but have a slim body figure without any kind of exercise. I may have some hidden deficiency of growth factors or vitamins or may be suffering from some metabolic disease that is yet to be diagnosed Besides a fat man who can perform the heavy exercise for more than 1 hour is healthier than any other slim figured human. So, Bigger body size doesn’t imply poor health.

5. Menstruation is a curse to females: It’s not a matter of blessing or a curse from any deity of any religion present on earth. It is a matter of biological cycle that is important for the proper conceiving of a child. It is a social stigma that should eradicated from our society as fast as possible. In this period, family members should provide menstruating females more iron-rich foods like liver, yeast, egg yolk, etc iron-containing food for the recovery of blood loss instead of shaming them. 

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