Can coffee cause headache

Can coffee cause headache?

Often we experience courses of acute headaches because of our work pressures, stress, etc. What we prefer most? Instantly finds for a cup of warm java cup. It May was not instantly but yes, coffee relieves headache. Because it contains a notable amount of caffeine. Do you know caffeine also has an absolutely opposite effect? Yes, this fact is true. Caffeine can cause a headache. It is as true as that the caffeine reduces headaches.

Now the question is why and how. That is the matter of this article. can coffee cause headache 

 How coffee triggers headache : 

There may be many reasons behind but according to recent studies, most commons are following

1. Headache as Withdrawal syndrome of coffee : 

It is the most common cause of headache due to caffeine. Mostly orchids to regular Java consumers. 

Firstly caffeine is an addictive agent. So, due to its regular consumption, you may develop a dependence upon it .

Whenever you discontinue taking Joe sips, you will feel several withdrawal symptoms and headache is one of them. Even reducing the single Cup can start a headache.

On the other hand, many people use to take a cup of Joe as a solution to their headaches. They may either developed dependency in this way. As a result, if you discontinue this pain-relieving method you may experience a headache. It will be worse than the previous one. This phenomenon is commonly known as the ” Rebound effect “. It may also result in a discontinuity in any pain killer.

2. Vasoconstriction :

Caffeine is a good vasoconstrictor as the “vasopressin hormone” of our body. It narrows down the blood vessels running to our heads. so, blood pressure increases in coffee consumption. If you discontinue consuming java, blood vessels will expand and interfaces with some receptors around it and causes headache. 

 3. Dehydration : 

Many of you may have an experience that, you need to urinate frequently after a cup of Java. Because caffeine causes dehydration by urination. Which is a prominent cause of headache.

4. Overdose causes: 

An overdose of anything is not good for health and caffeine is also not an exception. 400 mg of caffeine (which is the amount present in 4 to 5 cups of coffee) is good in a day. 

Consuming more than it results in intoxication. It interferes with normal body functions and causes headaches. 

can coffee cause headache
can coffee cause headache

What to do? 

Every problem has a solution.

1. In case if you are a regular coffee consumer and also feels headaches. The best way is to reduce the number of cups taken in a day gradually. Don’t stop suddenly, it may worsen the pain.

2. Drink ample water to hydrate yourself often.

3. Get proper rest and sleep, especially during night hours. Less sleeping is a major cause of headaches.

4. If nothing works, consult with a doctor for some medications.

Conclusion : 

Our body is a complex system. Mood over every individual’s body is somewhat different because of different habits. Understand your body properly how it reacts before developing any habit.

Undoubtedly the benefits of coffee e is more than its drawbacks. But it should be noted that consuming anything beyond a limit always has a side effect. 

Considering this takes the optimum amount of diet and live a healthy life.

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