Happiness vs Pleasure

Happiness vs Pleasure:

Happiness vs Pleasure
Happiness vs Pleasure


We often becomes so much uplifted by mood in very short time and think we are happy incidents  delicious food, getting a new phone, loved by someone,short trip to somewhere, buying something which may be necessary or unnecessary, and most important social media addiction ~ likes-complement-retweets on social media  etc. On the other hand all of us hs some goals in our daily life like couple goals, fitness goals,life goals, achievement goals and many more. We do pursue them in our life  to get happiness but this is a huge mistake we do . What we think as happiness in those small things are not ‘happiness’ but ‘ pleasure’, both of which are very much different from each other . That’s why whenever any deviations such as low likes in a post , no comments, no shares makes us feel down .


How Happiness and pleasure are  different ?

First of all pleasure persists for very short period whereas happiness is a long term feeling. Secondly both of this feelings are controlled differently by our brain. Pursuing pleasure for longer time activates some centers in our brain which secretes ‘ Dopamine’ it is a chemical directly linked to addiction.  After Dopamine secretion, for example because of getting a huge no. Of likes in a post on Facebook, it activates another hormone ‘Adrenaline’ which leaves us uplifted greatly . But, the problem is here, if a person gets less likes in his/her next post,  makes the person down. It’s because he/she needs more likes than the previous to get the same feeling. Now let’s understand how Happiness gets controlled. The feeling of happiness is caused by ‘serotonin’, which is controlled by another portion of our brain other than that is of dopamine. Unlike dopamine a lower dose of serotonin is enough to give happiness and it is long lasting.


How pleasure and happiness interacts :

Happiness vs Pleasure
Happiness vs Pleasure

As our brain function goes on, the serotonin hormone  which gives long term happiness, is disturbed  because of pleasure hits due to dopamine . This hits of pleasure gradually decreases the level of serotonin in the brain, which lowers the happiness simultaneously. So, the more one seek pleasure, the less happy he/she eventually becomes. That’s why some studies suggests that, peoples who spents lots of time on social media are more likely to become clinically depressed is comparison to other who spents less.


Allover it is the fact that Happiness cannot be constant in anyone’s life from the perspective of our brain, moreover due to pursuing Happiness can leave us stressed. Happiness is just like any other emotions — sadness,fear, disgust, aggressiveness etc. Just like this feeling comes and go, happiness too is temporary . Human beings are not meant to be always happy neither any other animals, so whenever you fell down in your life don’t worry that hard time will pass away.


Penned – Ritom

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