10 Ways to Control Mosquito Larva Naturally

10 Ways to Control Mosquito Larva Naturally
10 Ways to Control Mosquito Larva Naturally

 10 Ways to Control Mosquito Larva Naturally


As we all know that vector-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, filaria are major health problems of tropical countries like India. Mosquitoes like Aedes, Anopheles, Culex are the common vectors carrying the causing organisms. 

Mosquitoes need the vertebrate blood meal to feed upon. Whenever they bite human beings to take blood, unknowingly they deposit the disease-causing parasites simultaneously. As a result, we develop life-threatening diseases.

We use to get the bits of help of many artificially prepared insecticides, chemicals to control mosquitoes. The problem is those products are not eco-friendly always have some side effects.

10 Ways to Control Mosquito Larva Naturally
10 Ways to Control Mosquito Larva Naturally

Especially this problem is more prominent in rural areas because many of the peoples don’t know how to prevent mosquito bites effectively. There are many technologies, mosquito repellent products are available in the market nowadays but it has not yet reached those extreme Countrysides. 

Now, is it possible to control mosquitoes naturally? Yes absolutely possible. The most basic prevention measure is preventing mosquito larva to grow. To do that we have to kill them.

How to kill mosquito larva in the most effective way and that is also naturally? I am going to discuss in the following section.


1. Don’t allow accumulated water :

Stagnant water is the breeding ground of the mosquito. Mosquitoes lays eggs in stagnant water and those eggs develop into larva and finally adult mosquitoes. Destroy those breeding grounds.

Prevent accumulation of water in drains, backyard, abandoned utensils, coconut shells, tires, or any other source. 

A decreased amount of egg-laying platforms will decrease the adult mosquitoes.


2. Moving water : 

As already mentioned earlier that mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water only. That’s why you may have noticed that mosquitoes are developed from ponds, not the river because the water is always moving.

So the point is, if you can make any type of water body in motion continuously it would not allow the development of mosquito.


3. Application of oil: 

Any type of oil which may be a vegetable oil, kerosene oil, olive oil, etc. is effective against mosquito larva. 

Make a thin layer of oil upon the breeding water body. It prevents the Lava to respirate aerially and ultimately will die.

Only one teaspoon of oil 1 gallon of water is effective. It applies to the drains, trenches, etc.


4. Larvaecidal fishes : 

For large water bodies like the pond above mentioned ways may not be helpful. Introduce larvicidal fishes like Gambusia, Tilapia in the pond. This fish feeds upon the larva and pupa.


5. Apply Pyrethrum flower extract :

It is also called pyrethroids. This extract can be either directly given to the water or can be sprayed. 

Pyrethrum extract is also capable of killing adult mosquitoes. So you can spray around your house also.


6. Apple cider vinegar : 

A minimum solution of 15% vinegar in 85% water is very much impactful in killing larvae. Simply Spread this solution to the water body. 

This method requires a little bit more time i.e 18 hours. But still, it is a helpful way.


7. Soap :

Soap is available in almost every household. Although insecticidal soaps are available in the market. But do you know a simple dish soap can also kill mosquito larva? 

It works similarly to the oil. It blocks the respiratory tract, so a larva suffocates and finally dies.

Only one drop of soap in gallon water is enough to control a huge number of larvas. 


8. Elimination of wetland vegetation: 

Mosquitoes generally prefer those vegetations near to a large water body like a pond. They lay their eggs in those nearest breeding water available.

Now if those vegetations are not available mosquitoes will live elsewhere. You can cut or remove the herb, shrub vegetations present at the edges of water to decrease the mosquito population.


9. Changing the salinity of water : 

You can easily change the salinity of water by adding a little amount of salt in water.

As a consequence, the altered salinity will hamper the normal body functions of the mosquito larva and will get die.


10. Application of chlorine :

Although it is not a natural way it is an effective method. Pour a few drops of chlorine into the water and watch the result. 

Pure chlorine may not be available. Chlorine is present in bleach tablets which you can get in any medicine store. Drop the required number of tablets as per the amount of water. 

This method is not environment friendly, it may disturb the ecosystem of water. So don’t apply this method to the water bodies like a pond. Undoubtedly you may apply in drains or any sewage water tunnels of your area.

Bottom line : 

Mosquitoes are not our enemies, they perform such activities because of their need to survive. But it hazards our life on the other hand. The fact is we can never be able to eliminate mosquitoes and also it shouldn’t be. Because there is a need for each organism in the environment to maintain a balance. 

You have to save yourself from this vector bite as much possible. Maintaining personal hygiene and proper protection during sleeping hours is the best way to prevent it. Last but not the least prevention is better than cure. 

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