NEET questions paper 2018 2019

NEET questions paper 2018 2019

NEET questions paper 2018 2019
NEET questions paper 2018 2019


NEET exam dates :

As per the planned schedule of NTA 2020, ‘3rd may‘ was the date of exam. Later, due to COVID19 outbreak, it has been postponed to 26th July. Now as the current situation of the country is not so well, it can’t be considered as the sure date . According to the source NTA, exam may be further postponed but sure date yet to be announced on 26th June. Follow our website frequently for latest updates, we will update accordingly.

NEET questions paper 2019

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NEET questions paper 2018

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Solution NEET Qustion paper 2018


NEET 2018 question analysis


  • As usual physics question is a bit tougher among those three subjects.
  • This years’ physics question is also tougher than last years’ physics questions.
  • They have covered a large syllabus in the neet 2018 physics paper but at the same time they showed their interest in some particular topics also.
  • Those high yield topics are Light, current and electricity with static electricity, Heat section from class 11, oscillations, magnets and magnetic fields, inductor , capacitor, resistance, kinematics with rotational motions, and waves.

Note: We all know that physics is comparatively harder subject than other two for 90% of PCB students.

But here is nothing to fear subject if we have a firm grip in those above mention topics. Each student can easily score decent marks in physics. So, study smartly to beat others in exam.


  • Chemistry question was comparatively easy in 2018 neet exam.
  • This years’ chemistry question level was same as 2017 neet.
  • They had almost given equal weightage to all three section of chemistry
  • Inorganic section was too easy for them who had a good grip on this section.
  • Organic chemistry mechanism of reactions was important.
  • Mole concept is a game changer in physical chemistry.

Note: Every student should master inorganic chemistry because it is a very scoring subject. And also practice mechanism of reactions in organic chemistry.

Master organic chemistry:

Now how to master such a boring subject. If we want to excel in inorganic chemistry then we have to focus on question solving. We can use NCERT on your fingertips book for our MCQ practice.


  • Easiest section among those three subjects in neet 2018 questions.
  • But slight harder than 2017 neet
  • All 90 questions are good question
  • Maximum questions are from NCERT at your fingertips book of mtg.
  • Easy scoring and time saving section for NEET exam.


Note: Every one should target higher in biology because it can bring higher chance of getting good marks as it contains 90 questions. Focus on NCERT book as all questions are from that. Study hard for biology there is no easy way out than to mug up whole NCERT book.


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